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LIT SOUL is a hard-driving melodic hard rock band from Los Angeles that advocates liberty in the modern age.

LIT SOUL, known for their substantial views on life and politics, and belief in a better world, released their sixth album, ‘Your Crusade,’ with legendary producer Bill Metoyer (Slayer/Armored Saint/Sacred Reich/Fates Warning) on November 19th, 2017.   

The band’s first single off the the six-song EP is entitled “You Blessed My Eyes With Your Cruelty,” and it truly is a masterpiece. It takes the band to an entirely different level with a new and fuller sound, and it goes in a musical direction they have not touched yet while remaining within the LIT SOUL musical umbrella. 

In its full form, YBMEWYC is a whopping seven minutes and forty-four seconds long. Current fans are going to be impressed with this number, and the band definitely will be gaining new fans from untouched markets, such as those into Love Metal and Romanticore.

The video for “You Blessed My Eyes With Your Cruelty” was directed and edited by Matt Zane/Lord Zane Rising, and has been receiving an overwhelmingly positive response in the short time that it’s been out. It touches on important controversial issues that are currently happening in various parts of the world. 

‘Your Crusade’ is a follow-up to their 2014 album, ‘Love At War.’ Previous releases also include ‘Seven Worlds,’ ‘Libertine Dream,’ ‘Poetry,’ and a Birthday Poetry CD that contains some of Rob Chevelle’s most up-close-and-personal art to date. 

Founding member Rob Chevelle describes their music as “Dark, yet positive.” He likes the lyrics to be positive and bring people through a whole scale of human emotions. If you really look at LIT SOUL’s lyrics, and some of the links that Rob Chevelle puts on his website and social media, you’ll see that he believes in Liberty, Freedom, and the Truth… What this Country was really built on. To Rob, rock n’ roll has always been about going against the establishment and the status-quo.  

Let’s welcome Dave Eggers Jr. as the newest member of LIT SOUL!!!

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LIT SOUL Band Members

Rob Chevelle - Vocals (Founder, leader, songwriter, Producer)
Ty Dennis – Drums
Brian Roach – Bass
Steve Sampson – Lead guitar
Dave Eggers Jr. - Guitar

Past Band Members: 
Jess P. Tzimas, Joe Dagilus, Eliot Waldhorn, Chris Holmes (recording) - Lead guitar.
Brian Sowers - Drums.
Carl Raether, Dan Thomas Sauceda, Jerome Severin, Joe Petro, Erik McPherson, Jenn Oberle - Bass.

Upcoming Performances:

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Saturday, February 23rd - Petie's Place - Tarzana, CA. (with Stonebreed & Alice Cooper Tribute Band Nightmare)

Saturday, February 23rd - Petie's Place - Tarzana, CA. (with Stonebreed & Alice Cooper Tribute Band Nightmare)

Saturday, March 16th - The Rose - Pasadena, CA. (with The Doors Tribute WILD CHILD)

Saturday, March 16th - The Rose - Pasadena, CA. (with The Doors Tribute WILD CHILD)

Friday, May 17th - The Canyon - Santa Clarita, CA. ( Tributes to Rage Against The Machine and Linkin Park)

Friday, May 17th - The Canyon - Santa Clarita, CA. ( Tributes to Rage Against The Machine and Linkin Park)

All LIT SOUL 2018 Performances and Interviews: 

  • Friday, January 12th - Interview for MBM Music by Shawn SixX

  • Friday, January 19th - Album Release Party - Rainbow Bar & Grill (with Ten Mile Tongue)

  • Wednesday, February 7th - Interview on Jens Rock Talk on the Block 3PM - 4PM

  • Tuesday, February 20th - Interview on Pop Roxx Radio 7PM - 8PM

  • Saturday, March 3rd - Gallagher's - Huntington Beach, CA. (with Stereo Love, LA Story, and Ten Mile Tongue)

  • Saturday March 9th - Petie's Place - Tarzana, CA. (with RYATT, Stereo Love, and Brittney's Rage)

  • Thursday, May 3rd - The Viper Room - West Hollywood, CA. (with Altered Revelations and The Chimpz)

  • Friday, June 8th - The Rainbow (with Alice Cooper Tribute Nightmare)

  • Saturday, June 23rd - Flashrock Studios

  • Wednesday, July 25th - The Whisky (with 13th Sky, Kapali Long, Wily Savage, Dead Poet Society, and Registered Offender)

  • Saturday, July 28th - Malone's House of Metal

  • Saturday, August 25th - Petie's Place (Rob's Birthday with Megalo Maniax and NIGHTMARE)

  • Saturday, September 15th - Petie's Place (Metal Babe's Birthday Bash with Stonebreed, Vile A Sin, and 13th Sky)

  • Friday, October 26 - Rainbow Bar & Grill (Halloween Party with NIGHTMARE)

  • Friday, December 7th - Universal Bar & Grill

Filmed and Directed by Rob Chevelle Video Edited and Created by David Davas Music written by Rob Chevelle STARING: Yeti - Daniel Thomas Sauceda, Woman - Cindy Lane Music recorded by Rob Chevelle, Steve Sampson, Ty Dennis and Daniel Thomas Sauceda Music performed by Rob Chevelle, Steve Sampson, Ty Dennis and Carl Reather Filmed on location in Hollywood, California Live Footage Viper Room
Interview with all band members of LIT SOUL. Rob Chevelle (vocals & guitar), Ty Dennis (drums), Carl Raether (bass) and Steve Sampson (lead guitar) tell us about their new music, their influences and their upcoming concerts. The interview was recorded at the band's rehearsal place in Los Angeles, CA, on January 17th, 2019.
Live at Malone's Santa Ana Ca. 7/28/18. This is a cover song by the band HIM.
LIT SOUL at the famous Viper Room 5/3/18.

Shawn SixX talks with Rob Chevelle of LIT SOUL Liberty is a complex thing if you think about it. The idea of being free to express one's self and to live as you choose is not easy to obtain, regardless of what country you live in.

Photo Credit: Matt Zane/Lord Zane Rising

Photo Credit: Matt Zane/Lord Zane Rising

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LIT SOUL - You Blessed My Eyes With Your Cruelty - Digital Download

Official release 9/13/2017. 

Music, melody, and lyrics by Rob Chevelle. Piano intro by Dan Thomas Sauceda. 

Music performed and recorded by Rob Chevelle, Ty Dennis, Steve Sampson, and Dan Thomas Sauceda. 

Recorded by Bill Metoyer. Mixed by Bill Metoyer, Ronnie Borchert, and Rob Chevelle. 

Music video directed by Matt Zane, Model Cat DeCuir, Makeup by Jewel Steele


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