The Militants have released three albums to date and are halfway through the recording process of their forth album. Their third album, ‘Front Line Kill,’ was released on vinyl April 7th, 2017, and the follow-up will be released on vinyl as well. It was great to learn more about Charlie Zeigler and his thought process and background that has brought him to where he is today. I hope you enjoy the interview and will keep posted for their forthcoming album in 2019.

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen: Hey Charlie! I am so happy to have you as a friend and that we are working together on so many levels. I am glad we are doing our first official interview together too!

Charlie Zeigler: Yes, the honor is all mine. It is great to work with you and MBM. True, it is a Win-Win to be with your company. You have done an amazing job keeping metal music alive around the world.

Metal Babe: Thank you Charlie! Let’s jump into the interview. You have quite a wide vocal range and can sing everything from southern rock to death metal. Do you have any vocal training?

Charlie Z: Yes, I do have vocal training. I was born with the gift to sing many styles. I always had the singing quality in me… I was a born natural. The reason I took vocal training classes was I wanted to push myself into another realm and the vocal teachers were quite surprised with how good I already was and told me I was a 100% natural born singer, with all the power and techniques that it takes to be a performer. I really do enjoy singing. It is a gift from the soul of my body that I deeply love doing. I like to entertain. It is a passion for me.



Originating in 1994, the Los Angeles-based band The Militants are experienced in the art of creating dynamic extreme metal music. The Militant's sound is characterized by its guitar crunch, hardcore beats, and a brutal yet melodic primal vocal style. Influences include: Pantera, Metallica, Slayer, Ministry, Motörhead, The Dead Kennedys, Obituary, Iron Maiden, Venom, and Kreator. The Militants have three excellent metal albums that every headbanger worldwide should own: ‘One Nation Under Death,’ ‘Fuel the Aggression,’ and ‘Front Line Kill.’ 

The debut single from the album "Front Line Kill," this video for "Reapers Moon" is a tribute to classic slasher movies. The album is now available for order online, along with other merchandise at

The title track from the third album by The Militants, "Front Line Kill." Charlie Zeigler - Lead vocals. Stone Clement - Guitars. Ed Gage - Bass guitar. Featuring Luke Martino. Directed by Jesse D'Angelo. Produced - Edited by Matt Beurois. Director of Photography - Nick Forbush. Associate Producer - Lucia Fasano.


  • One Nation Under Death

  • Fuel the Aggression

  • Front Line Kill


Emailed pic 3/13/19

Emailed pic 3/13/19

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